So I walk.

I'm not sportsy; never have been. I hate running. I have no idea what a 'runner's high' feels like. Now, a high you get from your team nailing a dance routine and winning state - now THAT I get (#glorydays). But running? Nope.

My Dood Barley.

My Dood Barley.

So I walk. Especially during pregnancy.

Most of the time, it's me and my main Dood, Barley. Sometimes it's me pushing 65 lbs in a double stroller (oh the convos we have). Occasionally it's just me on my lonesome. I don't take my phone. I don't listen to music.

I just walk.

Even though I know my body is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing, gaining weight is not fun. It's not easy. It's not graceful. And sometimes, I shed tears about it.  For 9 months, our bodies are foreign; they don't belong to us. And sometimes, that's just plain hard.

So....I walk.

On good days, I get two walks in. Most days, it's just one. Some days it's none. But I try my best. Because I know how beneficial walking during pregnancy actually is.

Walking during pregnancy isn't only about maintaining a healthy weight gain. It also:

  • Builds endurance and keeps your heart healthy so that you can endure hours (and hours) of labor.
  • Increases flexibility and tones hip flexors and leg muscles. All of which are needed for a quicker, easier labor and delivery - especially when you plan on laboring and delivering in all sorts of positions other than lying on your back (hint: take my class to learn more about the benefits of different laboring/birthing positions!)
  • Relieves common discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Helps ease baby into a favorable position. You upright more = baby head down.
  • Puts you in a better mood. Do I hate my alarm when it goes off at 5:30 am? Yes. Yes I do. But I feel SO good once I'm outside enjoying the crisp morning air and the peace and quiet before my chaotic day sets in. ( I'm getting oddly good at knowing what kind of bird it is by their morning chirping.)
  • And more!
Me and my bump. Going for a walk. 

Me and my bump. Going for a walk. 

Bonus: ANYONE can do it! Literally anyone. Even me - the non-runner.

Need help getting motivated? Let's chat. We can hold each other accountable. 

P.S. When labor has started, what do I do to get things progressing? Yep - you guessed it. I walk. And walk. And walk some more. Works like a charm.

Disclaimer: Always talk to your care provider before starting any pregnancy exercise routine.